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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A lot of catching up to do...

I've been struggling for the past month. The university year was over and I was so looking forward to doing lots of art and being in a relaxed and carefree mood. And... nothing happened.

I planned to list some goals here on this blog but, I just couldn't find any enthusiasm for art of any sort and the frustration grew. Finally I got my results from uni, having been very concerned about them, and found that I got much better results than I expected. A great relief and it seemed to open the flood gates. It is strange how something can affect me so much that I was frozen completely where art was concerned.

Since then I have been enjoying the 'holidays' and have had some fun experimenting with some artwork. There are several goals I would like to achieve and they are:
  1. Complete two bags that I began earlier in the year. Machine embroidered, hand beaded.
  2. Complete a pastel drawing of a scene from my time in Norway.
  3. Carve and make lino cuts of the bottle tree design I created a while back.
  4. Work this design into a major piece of textile art.
  5. Begin work on a long planned wearable art outfit.
A while back I posted some drawings of a bottle tree that I abstracted. Yesterday I carved a lino mat ready to print and this morning I tried it out. Here is the paper test I made first of all:

I printed this in my journal to see how it would go and it turned out quite well. I love the texture that lino prints create.

Next, I tried it on fabric. The fabric is some hand dyed cotton I have had in the cupboard.
I first printed one copy and then wondered what would happen if a series were printed together and here is the result. There are some interesting patterns in the centre between each design. I will now work on it with stitch, but possibly not today as I stitched yesterday and it caused me a lot of shoulder pain so I need to take a break today.

And here is the other item I finished yesterday. I began making this bag almost a year ago and just didn't manage to complete it until now.
And here is a detailed shot. It doesn't photograph well, or should I say the photographer doesn't photograph well!


  • Jen,
    Congratulations on school. What a wonderful flurry of activity! What medium did you use to transfer the bottle tree to fabric? Love the beading on the purse.

    By Anonymous shirley, at 4:57 pm  

  • You've been doing some beautiful things - I really love your bottle tree design. And congratulations on your good grades this year.

    By Anonymous Casey, at 1:18 am  

  • Congratulations on finishing your uni year and getting better results than you had thought! I am sure you really didnt have to worry Jen.
    Love your lino cut of the bottle tree, fantastic things and you live in the midst of them. Have never tried lino cut must one day. Bag looks terrific, have fun stitching.
    sorry wrote all this and then realised I had to sign in and would have lost it all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:35 pm  

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